Olympus has upgraded its voice recorders to include more multimedia functionality.

The new DS range encompasses three digital recorders that not only capture voice but also playback music tracks, podcasts, and audio books.

A choice of mono or stereo recording means you can choose to record from LP mode, when you need the most space for recordings, to extra-quality stereo or XSHQ, for the highest quality.

The most basic of the range is the DS-30, which has 256MB of internal memory yielding 66 hours of recording in LP mode. It features a large backlit screen, and can take a detachable stereo microphone for recording in lecture halls. It's available for £170.

The DS-40 boosts the memory up to 512MB for 136 hours of LP recording, and is available for around £230.

And finally, there's the DS-50, which has 1GB of memory for over 17 hours of top quality recording. All the files stored on the device are navigable by voice guidance as well as regular menu navigation. It's available in blue for £300.