Olympus has announced three new digital voice recorders today for the office user and students starting back at school or university.

All three have USB direct connection and the integrated memory operates as a mass storage device. The files can be directly imported from and exported to a PC or Mac. They also have capacity to either record up to 277 hours of voice notes through the integral stereo microphone and up to 70 hours of high quality audio files.

All three also offer a simple user interface displayed on back-lit LCD screen, housed in a robust case measuring just 94 x 38 x 11mm.

Model WS-300M will offer 256Mb of memory and 68 hours 47 minutes long play and 8 hours 45 mins at the highest setting.

The WS310M will come with 512Mb of memory and offer 138 hours 15 minutes long play and 17 hours 40 minutes at the highest quality.

The top of the range WS-320M which houses 1Gb of memory. It will be able to record 277 hours 20 minutes long play and 35 hours 25 minutes at its highest setting.

The only difference between the three models is memory size and the colour.

The Olympus WS-300M (silver), WS-310M (champagne gold) and WS-320M (piano black) will be available from October and are priced £99.99, £129.99 and £159.99 (incl. VAT) respectively.