Olympus has announced the launch of the LS-20 PCM recorder, a high-def digital sound recorder which it claims offers "recording studio sound quality" along with HD movie recording to boot.

Openly admitting that HD movie recording on cameras it not always the best, Olympus is hoping that the LS-20 will cover all bases as on top of the 24bit/96kHz sound recording there's also full HD movie at 1920 x1080P (30 fps) with image stabiliser.

The device comes with expandable storage in the form of SD cards (you'll get 2GB in the box) whilst shooting resolution and recording formats can be adjusted - allowing your memory to go further.

Other features include adjustable microphone sensitivity, manual/auto recording level and noise cancellation with high sensitivity. There's also a 4x digital zoom and reverse angle recording to go alongside the image stabilisation.

The recorder is available from Amazon and is currently priced at £299.