While most people just use the voice recording feature on their mobile phone, having a dedicated digital voice recorder is still a big business for Olympus. And so we have news of the company's launch of a follow up to its very good LS-10; the LS-5.

The new LS-5 Linear PCM digital recorder is, says Olympus, essentially a mobile mini sound studio offering you the chance to record 24bit/96kHz PCM audio files that can be edited directly on the device.

The built-in 2GB of memory can be expanded to 32GB (using the SDHC-compatible SD card slot) and with its Auto Recording feature, Olympus is hoping you'll be keen to part with £199.99.

That Auto Recording mode basically means it can be set to switch on automatically when noise levels exceed a given threshold and off again when the signal is weak.

The LS-5 enhances audio quality at lower frequencies and comes with a choice of three recording modes (Normal, Wide and Zoom) and three recording formats (WMA, MP3 and WAV) for maximum compatibility with a range of media players.

For more sophisticated multi-track recordings, the LS-5 features a double clock generator based on 44.1kHz and 48kHz sampling.

It's out now.