Greenpeace states that a year on from the launch of the Greenpeace guide to greener electronics, the industry has made "great improvements".

The environmental campaigners say that companies are now competing to become the first to go green by eliminating hazardous substances and take back and recycle their products responsibly.

It could be argued that these improvements have also some from recently introduced EU legislation, as well as a genuine desire to help the planet.

The fifth guide sees Nokia continue to lead the ranking with 8/10, Sony Ericsson in second place and Dell and Lenovo sharing the joint third ranking.

"Greenpeace is very pleased with the progress of the electronics industry, a year ago less than half of the companies scored above 5/10, now they all do", said Iza Kruszewska, Greenpeace international toxics campaigner.

"There is still a long way to go for some, but the momentum is extremely encouraging. What is very exciting is that while the guide focuses on brand leaders, the improvements can be seen industry wide."

The biggest movers in the latest guide are Sony and LG Electronics while Hewlett Packard is the only company that has lost points since the ranking guide was started. Bottom? Panasonic for "fail(ure) to deal with product waste responsibly".

Apple has not lost points, but it has dropped to 12th position, as with no new action, it has allowed its competitors to race ahead.