Nissan is helping revolutionise the trailer camping experience by using recycled electric vehicle battery technology to provide up to a week's worth of power to campers.

That means they can pitch up anywhere, without needing a power line to enjoy glamping style comforts.

The Nissan x Opus concept camper integrates the car manufacturer's Nissan Energy Roam power pack. It is weatherproof and provides emission-free power to both the 230v and 12v circuits built into the trailer. The latter is through recharging a separate "leisure battery" that powers the 12v system.

The Energy Roam has a power output of 1kW and a storage capacity of 700Wh - that should be enough to provide power for seven days on a whole charge, although the camper also sports a solar panel in case it needs topping up.


It can also be removed from the camper and recharged on a standard 230v domestic socket.

Cleverly, the power pack is made from second-life Nissan EV batteries, all recovered from first-generation Nissan electric vehicles. So, not only do you have the freedom of camping anywhere, you are safe in the knowledge that you are powering your experience with as little impact to the environment as possible.

The Nissan x Opus is just a concept camper at present but there is every indication it could become a consumer product soon.

For that reason though, we don't yet know a price. Other Opus campers are available from around £16,000, so we expect it to be a tad higher than that.