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(Pocket-lint) - Nikon has announced a trio of new laser rangefinders for golfers, expanding the Coolshot line with the Pro II Stabilized, Lite Stabilized and 50i models.

All three sit at different price points, replacing some of the older models in the Coolshot range and offering golfers an alternative to the finders from Bushnell, Garmin and more. 

The Pro II Stabilized replaces the Pro I at the top of Nikon's range, inheriting much of the same vibration-reducing technology from the last generation and now coming with improved lock-on functions.

The improvement now clearly lets users know when the distance to the pin has been calculated by providing a visual and aural confirmation, with a total of four display modes available when looking down the lens.

These are golf mode (which is essentially slope-adjusted distance), actual distance mode, actual distance/height mode and horizontal distance/height mode, providing golfers with all the measurables they need to make the right club choice for their next shot.

Rule changes now mean laser rangefinders are now finding their way into more official competitions, but Nikon has also cleverly included an LED to indicate when the device is in actual distance mode.

This means playing partners and rules officials will be able to quickly determine if someone is using slope-adjusted distances, which are still often prohibited in tournament play.

The Pro II has plenty more tech at work, but these are the core features that golfers will interact with. And, as you might expect, it doesn't come in cheap - $449.95 / £499.99.


The next model down in the line, the Lite Stabilized, provides a lot of the same experience, but with a slightly stripped back lock-on feature for distances and also just the two viewing modes - golf mode and actual distance mode. This is available for £429 (with no listing yet on Nikon's US site).

And finally, there's the entry-level Coolshot 50i, which comes in at $299.95 / £359. This foregoes Nikon's Stabilized technology (though there is still some anti-vibration smarts onboard), but you still get the two key viewing modes, slope-adjusted distance and actual distance.

Writing by Conor Allison. Originally published on 5 August 2021.