Since summer is hopefully not over just yet - one of these could make for an interesting family outward-bound bonding experience.

Going out on a still lake is definitely relaxing, and the Transparent Canoe-Kayak would do a great job in instilling
a sense of wonder to whoever seats on it without regard to age.

Boasting a transparent polymer hull that was manufactured using the same durable material used in the cockpit canopies of supersonic fighter jets, this Canoe-Kayak offers more surface stability by displacing greater amounts of water.

The presence of adjustable seats allow paddlers of different
heights to go all pull their weight, so to speak.

Since the frame is made out of lightweight anodized aluminum, transporting this around shouldn't be a problem.

Each $1599.99 purchase comes with a couple of double-headed paddles and - hopefully not jinxing your outing - a water bailer and two flotation devices.