An extension of the clever Nike+iPod sports partnership (that for the benefit of anyone who's been living in a cave, or not moved from the sofa for the last 6 months, is a wireless system that allows Nike+ footwear to talk with your iPod nano) the Nike+ Apparel range is designed to work with the iPod nano to further enhance your Nike/Apple-flavoured running experience.

By togging up in this smart tee you can protect your iPod nano from water and take advantage of a blessed cord management function. The "no-look" interface for easy control of the iPod nano basically means that it fits snugly in the built-in pocket and means that you can access and control the iPod through the material without the need to take it out when you want to change the tune, increase the volume, etc.

The fabric of the top is high-tec too, made of comfortable stretchy Elastane fibres, it boasts zoned ventilation helps keep the body cool and seamless technology for reduced friction points while Dri-FIT technology moves moisture from the skin to the surface of the garment where it evaporates quickly, to help keep the wearer comfortable and dry.

Available in black and white, for both men and women, you're looking at £57.99 for the ladies' top and £59.99 for the men's. Both available from iSkins - link to the page below.