Every year for the past 5 years, Nike has hosted a 10k run in and around London. Pocket-lint is proud to say they have competed in all the events so far, but that is an aside.

This year, Nike is strongly pushing their iPod connection through their publicity and website for the event.

The website features a tab for Nike+iPod, a dominant part of the site. This all circulates around the Nike sensor in your shoe that will transmit to your nano as you run. This, in effect, records your data as you run.

There is a small catch. Mainly, you have to have a Nike+ ready shoe, part of the Nike+ range that integrates with the iPod. Then the data is stored on your iPod, via a reciever, and the data makes its way onto the Nike+ website for you to view.

The site provides an interesting range of data, allowing you to view a leaderboard of miles covered and times and so on.

Pocket-lint reported this colaboration back in May 2006, and interestingly the Nike+ website has a link through to iTunes on the music page, along with the support of some of their sponsored athletes, Paula Radcliffe and Lance Armstrong amongst them.

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