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(Pocket-lint) - We were all fairly agog a couple of years ago when Nike showed off its self-lacing technology by reproducing Marty McFly's famous sneakers from Back to the Future 2.

Now, Nike's looking to bottle some of that lightning again, by bringing a new version of that same self-lacing tech to the Nike Air Jordan XI Adapt, to celebrate the sneaker's 25th anniversary. 

They work in much the same way as the older versions do, with a companion app that lets you tighten and loosen your laces to your heart's desire, as well as giving you control over the colour of a few lights on the shoes.

The look, meanwhile, is less futuristic by a distance, but nonetheless packs a pretty clear punch visually - you'll stand out plenty from the crowd wearing these, suffice to say. 

Nike's also bringing out a Jubilee version of the Air Jordan XI, which will be more widely available, in case you're getting jealous. The Adapt version, though, won't drop until 30 December this year, and we'd anticipate a total rush of people trying to get their hands on a sneak that's likely to get really valuable over time.

Of course, whether this is any indication that self-lacing could come to more shoes in the future is anyone's guess. For now, it still seems limited to short runs and special editions, so don't bank on it hitting the high street in more pairs too soon.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published on 12 November 2020.
  • Source: Future Meets Familiar as Jordan Brand Celebrates 25 Years of the Air Jordan XI - news.nike.com
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