(Pocket-lint) - After teasing them back in May, Nike is now ready to put its first mass consumer-ready powerlaced trainers on sale.

Like the boots Marty wore in Back to the Future II, the Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 sneakers have self-powered laces that tighten around your feet as soon as you put them on.

There's a sensor in each heel which recognises when a foot is inside the shoe, it then pulls at the sides and laces to ensure a tight fit. Buttons on either side can loosen or strengthen the grip depending on your own personal preference. It calls the technology "adaptive fit", hence the name.

The power unit is in the sole of the shoe, with an LED light added for good measure.

Nike claims that this is the first step (pardon the pun) to a promising future for running shoes and performance wear. One potential idea is that future versions could adapt the fit as you are training, knowing when to tighten or loosen depending on the activity. 

There's no indication of price yet, but they won't be cheap. They will only be available in the US initially, with select retail locations offering purchase appointments from 28 November.

They're not quite the Nike Mags that Marty wore - which also became a working prototype recently - but the Hyperadapt 1.0 shoes really are a slice of the future.

Writing by Rik Henderson.