Nike has created a new installation for its Nike Town store in Oxford Street, London that uses a treadmill and a Microsoft Kinect 2 sensor to show how we can all "Be a force of nature".

The project, created by London creative agency Field, has taken a standard treadmill, applied a number of sensors to measure things like speed, and then used that data to create a collection of "atoms" that start to spread and disperse the faster the participant runs.

"The faster you go the faster the vortex goes," a spokeswoman for the company told Pocket-lint when we finished a 3 minute demo that saw us running at speeds of 17 miles per hour.

Using Microsoft's Kinect 2 sensor the software is able to track your precise movements as you run and then replicates those on the large screen in front of you. The more you move the more the graphics on screen respond.

The new project, which was demoed to Pocket-lint before it heads to the Nike store, is to help promote the launch of the company's new Nike Free running shoe range.

The range, which goes into shops in the next couple of days, is the follow-up to the 2014 range of Nike Free shoes and once again offers users three options of support and comfort to runners keen to feel the road rather than opt for maximum cushioning.

Those looking for a full on barefoot experience with minimal support and cushioned are recommended to go for the Nike Free 3.0 Flyknit. Those looking for something a little less extreme should go for the Nike Free 5.0 say Nike.

The new shoes feature the same sole design as last year, however feature new technologies, colours, and enhancements on the uppers.

Nike claims that means "all the attention was focused on the fit and the feel of the uppers," rather than the sole, something that should appeal to runners.

"We could have just kept on improving the resolution of the slices in the sole, but we decided to take a step back," explained Ernest Kim, Senior innovator at Nike's Explore team to Pocket-lint and others in attendance at the launch of the new range.