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(Pocket-lint) - It's finally official, 2015 will be the year we get Nike MAG Power Laces, the same year they appear in Back to the Future Part II.

Before you say Nike has already released these kicks in a limited run of 1500 shoes back in 2011 – these are different. Those kicks, which were made to help raise funds for the Michael J Fox Parkinson's Foundation, had lighting but did not have power laces. The Nike MAG trainers due this year will not only have working lighting but working power laces too.

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Tinker Hatfield, the original designer of the Nike Mags for the movie, announced on the stage at the #AgendaEmerge event that this is the year we will see the trainers for real.

While it was made clear Tinker and his team are working on the Nike MAG with Power Laces for 2015, an exact date wasn't mentioned. Bearing in mind that in Back to the Future Part II Marty McFly goes to 21 October we're holding out for that day for their official release. We dread to think how much they will cost - better start saving now then.

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Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 7 January 2015.