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(Pocket-lint) - The Nike FlyKnit Lunar 2 shoes are the latest FlyKnit offering from Nike and update the previous version of the shoe, first announced in 2013, with a couple of new tweaks.

We joined Nike at its London Nike Town store on Oxford Circus for a quick 7km run through Regent's Park to find out what the shoe was like and whether it should be your next running shoe.

The FlyKnit Lunar 2 is best seen as a shoe that sits between the company's Free range and its more traditional Lunar Glide range, but with the new FlyKnit upper.

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The new shoes have just landed on the shelves at Nike in the UK and come in five different colours. We ran in the incredibly bright luminous green and blue offering which certainly helped us stand out in the dark, wet London night on which we tried them.

New to the shoe this time around is an improvement to the laces, and a better sole layout that promises more grip. In our run, the shoes gave us a very firm and supportive ride with a hard heel, but a very flexible and soft front foot area.

That meant that while it offered plenty of support, it was a much harder (and for us, more enjoyable) run than the Lunar Glide 5s provides: we've always felt they deliver a very soft slipper like experience.

As with previous FlyKnit shoes from Nike, the experience is a very snug one, but not one that is overly tight as we've found with the Adidas Boost for example.

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For extra support and comfort you can opt to have the shoe steamed to fit you perfectly at a Nike store, but on this occasion we weren't able to do that before our run.

On the run, across mostly street pavements, the road, and the odd bit of grass, the experience was a good one. As an aside, we have been running quite a bit in the Nike Free recently.

The FlyKnit upper is incredibly light and airy, but we found it was prone to letting in water (we ended up with a very wet right foot after badly timing a few puddles), but could see in drier conditions the lack of waterproofing not being an issue.

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Quick verdict

Our run was short, and our time therefore not as long as we would have liked, leaving us with plenty of questions - like how quickly the grip will wear off and how well they will cope with the weather.

If the next 70km is as good as the first 7km, however, the Nike FlyKnit Lunar 2 shoes should make for a good pair of training shoes if you are looking for something light, but supportive.

It won't get you as close to the road as the Nike Free, but you should find that they'll be a lot more comfortable if you plan to pound the pavement morning after night after morning.

Writing by Stuart Miles.