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(Pocket-lint) - The Nike Free Flyknits have just been unveiled, and Pocket-lint has had a preview look at the "second skin" running shoes.

The luminescent green/yellow trainers sampled- there are plenty of other colours available, see our gallery below - are bright and punchy runners that for some will make a statement, but for others might be an exterior too far.

Pocket-lintnike free flyknit pictures and hands on image 7

The sock-like fit of the Free Flyknit is snug to the ankle and firm to the foot, with the Flyknit mesh produced from a mixture of fabrics with specific stretchiness depending on their area of application: there's more flex in the Achille's area, for example, to provide that additional support when the foot is in motion.

In the hand the Free Flyknit's sub-200g per shoe weight certainly feels light - although they're slightly weightier than the cushioned Free Hyperfeel shoes.

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The sole also includes Nike+ integration, another feature lacking from the more expensive Hyperfeel shoes should that be essential to you in a running shoe.

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For long-distance runners the Free Flyknit's firm-to-the-floor delivery and sock-like fit will provide a near-barefoot experience, judging from the time we've spent with the shoes on our feet. They're super flexible too - so much so that they can be curled up back on themselves.

Wide feet may feel a little roll-off to the side of the firm yet flexible base, but otherwise the foot feels natural in motion and there's little cushioned bounced that ought to make these good for long-distancers keen on a near-barefoot experience.

The Nike Free Flyknit running shoes will be available from August 1, priced $160 (£106), with UK and other pricing to follow.

Writing by Mike Lowe.