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(Pocket-lint) - Pocket-lint is running the British Nike 10K and keen to make sure we have the right running shoes for our style of running, Nike invited us down to Nike Town at Oxford Circus, London, to get fitted.

Running in the right pair of shoes is important: over or under-pronate and you'll soon know about it. Whether you are heading to Nike, or your local dedicated running shop, proper fitting is essential.

We don't recommend you buy a pair of running shoes because "they look good" or because you fancy the salesgirl selling them to you.

Unlike many running shops that have trained runners who get you to run up and down outside the shop to watch you run, Nike has adopted a more technological approach that allows you to learn from the experience as well.

Pocket-lintgetting fitted for a pair of shoes at nike town ready for the british nike 10k image 6

Hidden at the back of the first floor of the Nike Town store in London is a treadmill and a video camera that records how you run and then analyses your running gait.

The process takes around 10 minutes and sees you running around 50 meters a time in different shoes while the chap monitoring the equipment records your movements.

In our case the first pair we tried - Nike Pegasus shoes that promise a "neutral ride" - caused some movement in our ankles and that's not good, we were quickly told. You want your legs to be as straight as possible really. It's all about protecting the knees.

It's something Simon Freeman, a regular marathon runner who runs a running site and clocks up 50-70 miles a week agrees with. His top tips for choosing the right shoe are:

1.Make sure there is room in the toe box (length & width).

2. Make sure you are happy with the weight - too heavy a shoe will be a burden. 

3. You also want to look at the heel-to-toe differential.

Back to us on the treadmill in Nike Town, and our analysis continues. A second pair of shoes is brought out; this time  a pair of Nike LunarGlide3s. Another quick run on the machine and we instantly notice the difference.

Pocket-lintgetting fitted for a pair of shoes at nike town ready for the british nike 10k image 7

For us the shoes seem to be much better, giving us support where we need it and straightening the legs at the same time - something we are shown on the monitor straight afterwards (no, we don't know why it is an Apple Mac running Windows 7) with the help of lines drawn to emphasise our leg movement.

The whole experience is quick and painless and means that we now have the right shoes from Nike to start training for the big race. A couple of minutes later and we are out the door ready to start running. 

Writing by Stuart Miles. Originally published on 16 April 2013.