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(Pocket-lint) - Those old enough to remember a time when something called the "Sun" shone on our great nation will remember the need for things called "sunglasses" to prevent being overwhelmed by light. Sadly, the gods of water, including Thames, Veolia, Sutton and East Surrey, banished the glowing sphere from our skies, and replaced it with rains that would last until the end of time. Now, sunglasses are, for most British people, little more than a fashion accessory.

For those who live in countries that aren't vying to be the next Atlantis, you might want to check out one of the two new pairs of sunglasses from Nike and Transitions, which will adapt to changes in light levels, and which are designed to help runners and golfers see better than with traditional glasses.

The golf tint models are designed to make the contours of the green more visible - the lenses have a purple hue - while the white golf ball will be much easier to see. All of this happens, of course, while the glasses adjust to the amount of light. This means, the firms say, that you should always be able to see perfectly. A very handy trick indeed, as anyone who wears sunglasses will be able to tell you they are often more if a hindrance than a help.

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Likewise, the outdoor tint running lenses, which have an orange tint, aim to brighten dark areas, while dimming the sun to prevent glare. No one wants to trip over things that are hidden in dark woodlands while cross country running, and this is what the Nike Max outdoor tint glasses claim to prevent.

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Both sets block 100 per cent of UV, keeping your eyes safe and offering minimal distortion, obviously very important in any sport. There are two designs available for the frames, too. The Show X2 are supposed to offer maximum grip and comfort, while the SQ frames give wide coverage with as little obstruction as possible.

We tried on both pairs - in the south of France, obviously - and not only are they incredibly comfortable, there's little doubt that these lenses are fantastic. Although, we warn you now, taking of the running-optimised set renders your normal vision most unsatisfactory. It's quite impressive how much these change your perception of the world, and we can certainly see the advantages of them. 

So, if you live in a country where there's still a sun. Do give it our warmest regards, best wishes and ask if it has any plans to visit the United Kingdom any time soon. We're all waiting to test out these reactive sunglasses...

Do you think light-reactive glasses would help your gold game, or make you a better runner? Tell us below what you think.

Writing by Ian Morris.