Football, more and more, is relying on technology to improve the global game, and the Nike Seitiro Hi-Vis ball is a prime example of the traditional and tech combining to, often, spectacular results.

A white Seitiro is currently the ball of choice for the English Barclay's Premier League, the Serie A in Italy and Spain's La Liga. However, when winter closes and conditions worsen - including a spot of the fluffy white stuff in the UK - professional and amateur footballers alike need something they can actually see. And that's where the Hi-Vis ball comes in.

It features Nike's proprietary RaDaR technology (Rapid Decision and Response), which has been tested to the max in laboratories and in the field to be the most visible it can possibly be in poor conditions. The fluorescent yellow and purple colouring also features brighteners mixed in with the paint, so is designed so that players can see it instantly in both night (under floodlights) and day.

And that's not the only feature of the Seitiro that benefits from being gizmosized: The ball, in white and Hi-Vis variations, also sports flexible, cross-linked Nitrogen-expanded foam for shape retention and durability, a 360-degree sweet spot that "distributes pressure evenly across panels", and it features a six-wing carbon-latex bladder for "explosive acceleration off of the foot".

To think, we used to kick a tin can between two piles of coats. Kids today.

The Nike Seitiro Hi-Vis ball is available now from for £90. You can also have versions sporting the Barclay's Premier League, Serie A or La Liga badges.

What type of ball do you use? Does it make a difference to your Sunday League/five-a-side team? Let us know in the comments below...

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