(Pocket-lint) - The Netflix era of Marvel shows might be at an end, but it's not all bad. Marvel and Prop Store are giving fans a chance to own a part of history.

There's currently an exclusive auction happening online that means that you can bid for a chance to own props, costumes and more from Daredevil, Luke Cage and Iron Fist.

The auction is happening on 12 and 13 August this year, but the online bidding has already begun. 

Some of these props are expected to go for some serious money too. The first Daredevil costume, for example, is estimated to sell for $50,000. You'll need $10,000 just to start bidding on it. 

We've trawled through the auction to pick out some of the best to whet your appetite. 

Prop Store/Marvel

The first iteration of Daredevil's costume

This is the first iteration of Daredevil's costume from the first two seasons of Marvel's Daredevil. 

It's the distinctive red and black costume that Matt Murdock wore as the action unfolded. 

"This lot consists of a padded red flexible urethane cowl, a red and black Spandex and polyester blend compression bodysuit with rubber shoulder pads, a matching polyester blend zip-up vest, a black padded zip-up muscle suit, a pair of plated gray hard resin grieves, a pair of plated gray hard resin vambraces, a pair of orange rubber-soled sneakers painted black by production, a pair of black leather and polyester gloves with fastening strip closures, a gray resin billy club, a pair of red and gray foam rubber billy clubs, and a pair of wardrobe tags both marked '#1 D.D.'. The cowl, bodysuit and vest are labeled for the principal actor. This lot is in good overall condition with visible signs of wear from production throughout."

Prop Store/Marvel

The second iteration of Daredevil's costume 

Want something with a little more character? How about a "distressed" costume that looks like it's been through some proper battles? This is the second iteration of Daredevil's costume that's been worked over to make it fit with the bad time Daredevil had in 'Resurrection' (season 3).

"In the episode, Murdock wakes up in the Hudson River after his signature red and black costume is nearly destroyed in Marvel's The Defenders. This lot consists of a crimson red and black Spandex and polyester blend compression suit, a matching polyester and nylon vest, a pair of matching gloves with a Spandex arm sleeve, a padded black Spandex zip-up undershirt, a black Spandex and polyester tank top with ridged rubber details at the neck, and a pair of black leather boots with rubber soles marked '#1' by production. The compression suit, vest and undershirt are all labeled for the principal actor. This lot is in good overall condition, though it is torn, punctured, and stained with dirt and faux blood throughout by production."

Prop Store/Marvel

Wilson Fisk's bloodied wedding outfit

If you're a bigger fan of bad guys than the heroes, then maybe you'd be interested in Wilson Fisk's fancy white suit. This blood-stained version of the suit is from the episode 'A New Napkin' when Daredevil and Fisk went at it. Faux blood stains included in the deal. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Luke Cage's charred explosion costume

Luke Cage got into many scrapes in the various episodes of his show. This outfit comes from the 'Soul Brother #1' where he was led into an explosion. He survived, but the outfit came off worse for wear. 

This lot comes with extensive rips, holes and faux burns applied during production for an authentic look and feel. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Nelson and Murdock office plaque

Thinking off setting up your own law offices? How about a nice official plaque for the frontage. 

This is the genuine plaque from season 1 of Daredevil and a great bit of memorabilia.  

Prop Store/Marvel

Elektra Natchios' Sais

Nothing like a bit of ninja gear to make you feel like a total badass. If you're going to own some sais, why not a set with some history behind them. 

"Elektra Natchios' red and black-handled retractable sais from Season 2 of Marvel's Daredevil. Natchios, a professional assassin, wields her signature red and black sais throughout the season. These urethane sais feature retractable lightweight metal tips and hand-painted red and black handles."

Prop Store/Marvel

Matt Murdock's red glasses

This lot is for Matt Murdock's iconic red spectacles that he wore throughout all the seasons of Daredevil when working as a lawyer. 

These glasses come with a case and even a cleaning cloth. Nifty!

Prop Store/Marvel

Pop's bullet-punctured swear jar

This prop comes from the 'Code of the Streets' episode of Luke Cage where Pop's Barber Shop was shot up by Cottonmouth's gang. The swear jar took a few stray rounds in the shooting but it does come with the bonus of some fake dollar bills inside. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Stryker's light-up battle gear

This lot is for the powered battle costume that Stryker wears while attacking Luke Cage in the two episodes 'Soliloquy of Chaos' and 'You Know My Steez'. It includes several electronic components and a light-up power pack. The outfit is also complete with boots and helmet too. 

Prop Store/Marvel

'Punisher Punished' New York Bulletin newspaper

Alas, there are no props from The Punisher in this auction, but if you're a fan of Frank Castle, you can own this fake newspaper edition of him being caught by the police. 

It comes from the 'Kinbaku' episode of Daredevil where Foggy read the story about Frank's apprehension. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Psychiatric ward vending machine

If you're after something a little larger for your hard earned cash, then why not consider this Pepsi vending machine? It's from the episode of Iron Fist where Danny Rand is forcibly committed to the psychiatric ward. 

Alas, the machine is not actually working, but it does have a cool retro aesthetic to it, complete with vintage soda logos. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Ceremonial Iron Fist Flesh

Something a bit more gruesome in this lot - a piece of flesh from a deceased Iron Fist that was used in a mystical ceremony in the 'Target: Iron Fist' episode. Fortunately, it's not really made from skin, but a mix of foam and paper-mache. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Frank Castle's military photos

This lot includes several photos from Frank Castle's days in the Marines. They're seen in Colonel Schoonover's office in an episode of Daredevil and give an interesting insight into the self-styled vigilantes past. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Five Judas bullets and case

Want to own some bullets powerful enough to deal with Luke Cage? Now you can. This lot includes a set of five Judas bullets from Marvel's Luke Cage. Willis 'Diamondback' Stryker planned to use these to kill Luke Cage, but you won't be dealing out damage with these fake stainless steel bullets. Except maybe admiring how awesome they are. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Stick's Katana 

This lot includes a genuine stainless steel katana and its sheath as used by Stick in episode '.380' of Daredevil. There are actually a fair few different weapons and swords on offer in the auction, this is one of the coolest. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Matt Murdock's walking cane

If you've considered Matt Murdock's red glasses, then you might also like his walking cane to complete the look. These were used throughout the show and are well used with signs of wear from the show. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Iron Fist's light-up fist

This is one prop that gives away some of the magic from the shows:

"This lot consists of a four-color LED light bracelet, an electronic dimmer, a 12-volt flat battery pack, a battery smart charger, miscellaneous connection wiring, and a fastening strip closure. "

A bit of video FX magic and you've got a whole hand that glows with fearsome force. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Matt Murdock's couch

In the market for a new sofa? How about a famous one? This is the brown leather couch from Matt Murdock's apartment. It's a bit worn and torn in places, but it certainly has some character. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Mary Walker's camera 

This is Mary Walker's camera that was used in Iron Fist to snap photos of Danny Rand. If you're after a DSLR bargain, then this might be a way to get one as it comes with a functional Canon camera, two lenses, a memory card and even a battery charger. Though the listing does not the company makes no guarantee as to the functionality of the gear. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Talking alarm clock

This lot includes Matt Murdock's talking alarm clock. It's actually a genuine product that's specifically designed for the blind. You can buy them for a lot less on Amazon, but obviously, this one comes with the glory of having appeared on TV. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Crew chair backs

If your interest in props extends to more behind-the-scenes materials, then these chair backs might be your thing. This lot features three black canvas chair backs used during the production of Iron Fist with "Marvel", "Director" and "Cast" emblazoned on them. 

Prop Store/Marvel

Luke Cage t-shirts

In one of the episodes of Luke Cage, one of the characters (D.W. Griffiths) tried to sell various bits of Luke Cage merchandise including these t-shirts. 

Now you can own them in the real world!

Prop Store/Marvel

Matt Murdock's business cards

We have a feeling that American Psycho's Patrick Bateman wouldn't be too impressed with these business cards, but maybe fans of Daredevil would be?

Prop Store/Marvel

Danny Rand's company photo

Fans of Iron Fist might enjoy this framed corporate photo of Danny Rand to hang on their wall. He looks a bit stern, but maybe that is a fitting vision for your wall. 

Writing by Adrian Willings.