Motorola has launched a new range of digital photo frames, including dual display frames and a Wi-Fi model that allows images to be sent directly to the frame by email.

The LS1000W offers a 10.4-inch display, boasts 512 MB built-in memory, MP3 player and speakers, as well as an alarm clock and calendar function.

The £200 frame gets Wi-Fi connectivity as well as content from the thousand FrameChannel online channels that can be viewed on the device including internet radio.

The £80 LS420 Duo offers two 4.2-inch displays, one of which can be selected to view calendar and clock info. The LS720D offers the same theory, but larger 7-inch displays as well as MP3 playback, speakers and a remote control for £130.

Other models include the LS700, a £50 basic 7-incher and the LS1000 for £150 that's basically the same as the other 10-incher but minus the Wi-Fi. The new range is available at Argos.