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(Pocket-lint) - Motorola’s newly revealed 'Space Charger' can deliver five watts of power to up to four devices as far as three metres away, the company claims in a new post published to Chinese social media website Weibo

The so-called Space Charger doesn't look like it's getting a consumer launch anytime soon, as true over-the-air wireless charging tech is still five to ten years away from mainstream consumption, however, the demonstration is nonetheless highly impressive and indicative of what’s to come in the relative near future. 

The machine looks almost indistinguishable from any run-of-the-mill router, but instead of beaming Wi-Fi, it uses 1,600 antennas to beam out five watts of charging power to compatible devices at a 100 degree angle. 

Presumably, usage will be targeted initially towards smartphones - at least for now, due to the low wattage of power output. For example, a machine like the 16-inch MacBook Pro requires a 96W charging brick. 

For further reference, the standard and most popular iPhone brick that everyone has come to know and use over the past ten years is a 5W charger, however, ever since the iPhone 11 Pro series, Apple finally made the jump up to 18W and then subsequently 20W on the release of the iPhone 12 lineup

So naturally, while a devolution back to 5W seems like it would be quite the inconvenience, if there were one of these Space Chargers in your home, every café, mall and movie theatre, your phone would probably never run low on juice ever again. A future of that sort should most definitely be coming over the next two decades or so. 

Check out Motorola's promotional video for the intriguing Space Charger right here. 

Writing by Alex Allegro. Originally published on 9 September 2021.