Mio has decided to augment its Spirit flagship satnavs with a selection of mid-range and entry level models. They've called the M-series and F-series respectively.

The M-series consists of the 3.5-inch M300 and widescreen 4.3-inch M400. Both feature "fast" GPS chips, local search, photo navigation, lane guidance, and spoken motorway exit instructions. The M300 costs £90 and the M400 is £120.

The F-series are even cheaper. There's a 3.5-inch F35 and 4.3-inch widescreen F45. These models have the same "fast" GPS connection, day and night display modes, spoken motorway exit instruuctions, notification of local points of interest, and a free trial for speed camera info. Pricing on these runs to £70 for the F35 and £90 for the F45.