Mio, or Navman as it is known in the UK, has announced three new satnav ranges on Tuesday that it hopes will allow people to "Plan, Go and Do", when it comes to getting from A to B.

The top of the range model, the Navman Spirit Flat, will ape Apple's iconic iPhone by offering a touch screen interface from a frameless design. Using the company's own "slide touch" interface users will be able to scroll through menus.

The Navman Spirit Flat has yet to be priced, although a spokesman for the company told Pocket-lint the price would be around the £200 mark. It will feature in-built traffic, petrol and cash machine buttons and the ability to connect a phone via Bluetooth for handsfree calling. Phone users will also be able to use the built in Google Local functionality.

More affordable will be the Navman Spirit 500, with a 4.7-inch screen size, it varies in its features, but basically comes with what you would expect from a satnav costing £179.99.

The breakaway feature on all three models is a new explorer offering, that when selected allows you to see points of interest within a certain distance of your location. The further you zoom out of the location the more the spiders web of suggestions grow.

At the bottom of the range will be the Navman Spirit 300 which will come in UK and European editions, cost around £129.99 and software wise promise the same functionality.

All new models will come with traffic as standard, the ability to plan routes via desktop software and walking mode for when you are on foot.

The new models are expected sometime in June.