Navman has announced upgrades to the lower-end S30 and S50 satnav models from their S-Series range.

The first integrated products from the newly merged Navman and Mio, the S30 3D and S50 3D now include Mio's 3D landmarks of over 1000 buildings in cities across Europe and a new content and services package called Navman Connect.

This includes a "Local Search" service, tuned in to local directory search partner, for locating specific shops and local amenities when on the move that can be used in conjunction with a Bluetooth-enabled mobile.

Under the bonnet, the S30 3D and S50 3D have also gotten updated with the inclusion of SiRF's InstantFix II technology, which claims to reduce the time taken to fix on GPS satellite signals to as little as 5 seconds, even in built-up areas.

The new S-series "3D" models will join the existing S-series line up, while for those who already own an original S-series device, an update that includes Local Search will be available via the Navman website.