We mentioned this new in-car GPS when it was announced at the IFA technology show, but Mio's C230 has now been launched in the UK.

A budget model, the C230 will cost £139.99, but offers what looks like a decent entry-level navigation experience for those who just want an A-to-Ber.

Complete with the latest Tele Atlas maps of 22 Western countries, the C230 offers an anti-glare 3.5-inch TFT touch screen.

The MioMap v3 software is described as "intuitive" and route input can be done via seven digit postcode recognition or street name input.

A 400Mhz processor and the SiRFstar III GPS receiver means the innards are more than respectable while the also C230 offers speed camera warnings out-of-the box, with free updates for 1 year.