SiRF has introduced its SiRFDiRect technology, a portable navigation "breakthrough" that achieves accuracy and coverage previously available only in costly, permanently installed in-car systems.

Employing "sophisticated algorithms that take advantage of closely coupled GPS and dead-reckoning (DR) sensor measurements", SiRFDiRect technology promises to deliver very high quality positioning, even in the worst GPS signal conditions, without the hassle and high cost of traditional in-dash navigation systems.

SiRFDiRect technology uses data from the sensors to boost the accuracy of portable navigation systems when GPS signals are weak or blocked, such as in dense urban canyons and tunnels.

This new technology will enable high performance with lower costs and means small sensors that can be put into portable devices such as handheld GPS, PDAs or phones or in an external dashboard mounting cradle (which won't have to be so scientifically positioned on your dash thanks to the impoved tech).

Mio is the first company to announce its plans to use the SiRFDiRect technology, their "Navsteadi" is based on SiRF's new tech and will be built into the new A702 PDA-phone we previewed earlier today.