Showcased at CeBIT 2007, budget sat nav provider Mio Technology has now announced the availability of four products in its new range - the C320, C320t, C520 and C520t - all featuring the new 4.3-inch widescreen display and split-screen view for greater map detail and supporting journey information.

Model dependent, the new range also offers integrated Traffic Message Channel (TMC) reports, the latest Tele Atlas maps (2007.1), MioMap v3 software, as well as free out-of-the-box speed camera alerts and 20 channel SiRF Star III GPS receiver.

Mio claims the split-screen view provides more routing information to the driver than ever before without sacrificing map detail. The split-screen displays key journey information, such as time and distance to destination, next four manoeuvres, information about local traffic congestion or selected points of interest (POI) nearby, such as petrol stations.

The four ultra-slim (2cm deep) widescreen devices also come equipped with a new easy-to-use "click in" docking cradle with a more powerful speaker for clear instruction. As with previous products, Mio users are able to download speed camera database updates for free for one year from the moment of registration, add their own camera locations and share them with other Mio users over the internet. After the year's free trial, this service will cost between about £50 to £60.

The "t" suffix indicates the models that come complete with a TMC-enabled version of the cradle, which is also available with the other models at a yearly subscription cost of between about £50 and £60.

The higher specced C520 and C520t boast hands-free mobile calling with built-in Bluetooth wireless technology and
microphone, MP3 player, photo viewer, and - something most other GPS devices are sorely lacking - a calculator.

The devices are available now are prices are as follows; C320 £239.99, C320t £299.99, C520 £269.99 and C520t £329.99.