Mio has unveiled two new satnav devices: the H610, aimed squarely at women, and the C250, released officially on 9 November.

The H610 apparently “takes GPS out of the car and into the handbag” with a series of decorated interchangeable covers. It features a small 2.7-inch touchscreen, and provides full satnav and media player functions.

For £280, it comes with maps of 24 European countries and over 1.8 million POI provided by TeleAtlas. In addition, it also features WorldMate software pre-installed to provide information on weather, currency, conversion, measurements, dialling codes, and clothing size conversions.

Other features include 1GB storage for photos and audio, an SD card slot, and Microsoft Outlook Synchronisation. It comes with an AC and car charger, a USB cable, carrying case, replaceable covers, neck and wrist straps, and windscreen mount.

The C250 is a satnav with 3.5-inch touchscreen, and custom vehicle settings. Retailing for just £170, it also features full European and UK mapping, as well as speed camera alerts and traffic updates.