Mio launches sub-£300 and sub-£400 sat nav devices in UK. Mio Technology has launched two handheld GPS units, one complete with European maps for under £400 in the UK and the other with UK maps for £300.

Both new models are portable and feature personalised home buttons for guidance home wherever you are and car-mounting kit, remote control, carry case, bicycle mount and ear phones.

The units will be using MioMap software which is based on Personal Navigator 4 by Navigon. Maps and addresses are accessed via the touch screen keyboard or from a list of destinations you have already programmed in.

The Mio 269 also features a built in 2.5Gb hard disk rather than relying on removable memory such as SD cards.

Both Mio268 and Mio269 come with a built in MP3 player. If you opt for the
Mio268, you can copy your MP3-files to a memory card (up to 1 GB), which you then insert into the device. If you choose for the Mio269, you can transfer your MP3-files directly onto the hard disk of the device. The Mio269 has 500 MB of free disk space, which equals 8 hours of listening enjoyment!