(Pocket-lint) - Navigations specialists Mio has unveiled six new in-car satnav devices, some of which come with a lifetime supply of map upgrades.

In addition, the two flagship devices, the Mio Spirit 697 LM (£169.99) and 695 LM (£119.99) features the Find My Car facility that locates your parked car, should you forget where you left it. Just fire up the device when you’re ready to retrieve your motor and the Mio Spirit will guide you back to it.

Both the Mio Spirit 697 LM and 695 LM feature a five-inch display and can show routes in four categories: fastest, shortest, easiest and most economical. The Mio Spirit 697 LM has the added bonus of pairing with your mobile phone for Bluetooth hands-free calling as well as recognising voice commands.

Further down the spectrum is the Mio Moov range that is made up of the 410, 413 LM, 610 and 613 LM (£99.99). The Mio Moov 410 (£69.99) and 413 LM feature a smaller 4.3-inch display, the 610 (£79.99) and 610 LM boasts a  five-inch display, the same size as the Spirit range. However, both the Mio Moov 413 LM (£89.99) and Mio Moov 613 LM will provide users with the lifetime of map upgrades offer.

All six Mio devices are available now from selected retail stores.

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Writing by Danny Brogan.