Mio has just dropped the details of its latest satnav line-up - the subscription free, premium traffic info touting, Spirit range.

Each model includes a host of features including Parking Assistance (spaces within 1km), Pedestrian Mode (for those places you can't drive to), IQ Routes (using real-life info to plot the best journey), LearnMe (which makes your routes more personal) and 3D Junction and Lane Assistance so you never have to cut up an angry lorry driver again as you make a dash for your exit.

The 480 and the 485 are more budget friendly 4.3-inch models, with the 485 being the flashier of the two due to its inclusion of the traffic info without a fee. They both have a 23 country, Western Europe, database and come loaded with a 30-day speed camera trial.

The 685 and the 687 are 5-inch display boasting satnavs, and the 687 is the range's daddy as it packs Bluetooth, Google Local Search, MioMore software, voice entry and an AV port in which you can plug in a camera for rear viewing.

These two both have a full Europe database (44 countries) and also have Choice of Routes and Trip Planner features, so you can be much more specific with your journey planning.

Thet are avaiable now from Argo, Tesco or Mio.com priced at £79.99 for the 480, £89.99 for the 485, £99.99 for the 685 and £149.99 for the 687.

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