Mio, not to be outdone by Garmin's release of the Nuvi 3700 series, has just dropped us word of its own new range of products - the Navman 470, 475 and 575 satnavs.

All three have a pair of new features that Mio is calling IQ Routes and LearnMe. The former attempts to anticipate congestion on roads at certain times of the day, based on information from other drivers. The latter learns the roads you like to drive on over time and favours them when it's working out routes.

The 470 and 475 come with a 4.3-inch widescreen display, spoken street names, "high speed" GPS fixes and the ability to rent maps if you're going on holiday. The 475 adds build-in traffic information and the ability to access safety camera data, but in other respects is identical.

The 575, on the other hand, pumps up the display to 4.7-inch, includes the above features, and promises the latest map data always available. It has what Mio claims is a "slim, lightweight" design, and all three models benefit from Google's "Send to GPS" feature, for checking the route on your computer before you leave.

The Navman 470 with Western Europe maps costs £100, the 475 with UK & Ireland maps is £110, the 575 with UK & Ireland maps costs £130 and the 575 with Western Europe maps will set you back £150. They'll be in shops from May.