Mio, the satnav company that owns Navman in the UK, has announced it's taking on the Apple iPad with a new tablet device launching at this year's CeBIT in Germany.

The new model, which looks to follow on from the company's Spirit TV range but going under the new name of the Moov V780, will sport a 7-inch screen and according to the makers is, "designed to provide the best navigation, entertainment and Internet experience" on the go.

But rather than just being a satnav device, the unit will let users watch YouTube videos, email and surf the Internet thanks to wireless connectivity.

On the entertainment front you'll get 720p playback, a photo viewer and digital TV making this much more than a device that'll simply let you get from A to Z.

You'll even be able to get an optional keyboard with it. 

No word on pricing, but expect it to be available in the next couple of months.