We don't do Mr Blurrycam here at Pocket-lint, instead we take out the biggest camera we have and make sure that when we get a photo hands-on with the latest gadget you get the pictures crisp and clear.

The latest grab? The Zune HD when it made a pre-release appearance at a Best Buy on 44th and 5th in New York City.

Although the showing was a hands-on, hands-off affair (you didn't think our hands were that hairy did you?), that didn't stop us getting the Microsoft rep giving us a good run through what you can expect from the MP3 player from Microsoft.

Music, Pictures, Video, Radio oh and Apps will all be there to swipe and swish your way through when it launches on the 15 September in the US.

We didn't have a good enough play to do a first look - besides we were told that the software still isn't finalised - but we did see that all those delicious graphic loaded instantly suggesting the Nvidia Tegra chip is doing its stuff.

Elsewhere there will be wireless access, something you'll need to access the apps section within wireless (there was no wireless available at Best Buy) and there will be a "Pin" element on the homepage so you can dock your favourite apps.

Our demo dude was short on answers on how the apps will work, or whether there will be an SDK available (we presume there will be) however he did say that we should expect there to be lots.

In an attempt to turn the media box into a portable cinema, you'll be able to sign up for the docking station for $89.99 that comes with a remote and the ability to plug it into your HD-Ready TV.

Oh and the screen really is that bright.