Microsoft has insisted its Zune media player range is not heading for the big, failed MP3 player recycling bin in the sky.

Following news that the platform has apparently lost Microsoft $100 million and sales of the players dropped over 50% in the last quarter, the software giant has said it is "committed" to the business.

A spokesperson for Microsoft told MCV: "Zune now has over three million devices, and more importantly more than two million people on Zune Social, and continued momentum in winning critical reviews, which is a big milestone for us. We are committed to the Zune business".

Putting these 3 million sales into perspective - these figures are total sales dating back to late 2006. Apple sold nearly 23 million iPods in the last 3-month quarter alone.

As well as denying the death of the device, the spokesperson also hinted at future developments for Zune players, stating that Microsoft "continue(s) to look at other markets as we build scale across the business".

In addition, hints were made towards "Zune as a mobile service", a possibility described as "interesting", as well as integration with "Xbox Live, Media Center, Windows Live and others".