Showing their softer side, Microsoft has launched a special edition Zune for Valentine's Day. Everybody say "aaah"...

Apparently in response to "consumer excitement for the Zune 80GB", Microsoft says it is making a red 80GB model available with Zune Originals, the online customising service.

And as well as the passionate colour scheme there will be an exclusive collection of 20 new laser-engraved designs "inspired by the themes of love and sharing" available as well.

And if that wasn't sweet enough to give you toothache, then the Zune Marketplace will feature Valentine’s Day playlists that can be shared with friends or loved ones Zune to Zune or via the Zune Social online music community.

None of these products, services, or even the site itself are available in the UK so it'll only be Americans (and possibly Canadians depending on launch timescale over there) who can get mushy over a new MP3 player this Feb.