ZuneScene is reporting that one of the new Zune models has been hit by technical difficulties and has been delayed.

Un-named sources from inside Microsoft are apparently relaying the info that production has been pushed back.

Apparently the hard drive-based media player, code-named "Scorpio" has been "experiencing continuity problems between the flex cable and the PCB". Hmmm, wonder if they've tried a bit of gaffer tape?

This little hitch meant emergency meetings and the design on a new flex cable, so the prob has been resolved by all accounts but the production of the new player has had to be delayed.

"Draco", the other rumoured second gen Zune, the flash-based model, has allegedly gone into production as of July 23.

This source did not reveal when the devices would be launched, although looking at the new production schedule ZuneScene suggests that October will be the earliest they will be ready for market.

Microsoft has made no announcements about these new players, other than to state in an email that there will be 2nd gen devices by Christmas.