Bad news for the ardent anti-iPod camp: The Zune is rumoured to not be released until 2008 in the UK.

According to gaming publisher MCV, Microsoft is not planning to launch in the UK until at least the end of 2007, possible not until 2008, and at least a full year after its launch in the US.

What accounts for the UK? It could be because first of all, Microsoft reportedly has not appointed someone to run a UK launch, but according to media and entertainment alliance manager Dene Schonknecht, Microsoft has yet to obtain a music store provider for the UK market.

This could mean that Brits give the Zune a rather chilly reception, knowing that it’s hardly a new product and has been available for months across the pond.

The Zune supports Wi-Fi, which Apple’s iPod hasn’t, although it has already received criticism of its handicapped wireless sharing system that allows users to share tracks for 3 days, at which point the receive must pay to download it legally.