Microsoft’s Zune player hasn’t even been officially announced, but we already know not only what the outside looks like, but the inside as well.

Some clever sleuthing by the bloggers on Mobile Whack has turned up applications not by Microsoft, but by Toshiba to regulatory body, the FCC.

It confirms that the device has an FM radio tuner and a wifi connectivity.

The application contains part of the users guide that pertains to the device’s wireless functionality, and from this we know that the device includes several wireless sharing features, including “send” and “DJ.”

The manual makes reference to Pyxis devises as well as Argo, which was originally thought to be Zune’s name.

Once the wifi has been enable, users can send and receive photos, as well as promo copies of songs, albums, and playlists from other “Pyxis” users. To send data, you simply navigate to the file, press send, and the device will find other signals in range.

The DJ feature allows users to stream music to up to 4 other devices, and set to “on,” anyone around you with a wifi on the system can listen to it. You can also choose only to stream it to friends.

It will notify you if someone else has tuned in.

The manual also says, “You can invite other Argo members that you meet to be your friends wirelessly via Pyxis,” which indicates that Pyxis may be the wifi network that Zune uses, while Argo is the name of some sort of online media content site.

So there you have it. Does this mean Toshiba will be selling Zune-type players, or that its devices will be compatible with Zune?