A few more specifications about Microsoft’s hotly-anticipated Zune player have been dug up.

One new report details most of the features of the new audio player, but the reporter who seems to have gotten his hands on one of the protypes is not too impressed, but perhaps that’s to be expected as he writes for an iPod news website.

Although some blogs have been reporting that tipster say there's no video feature on the Zune, the reporter confirms that both Picture and Video playback is supported

The wheel on the front that looks like an iPod click wheel is actually just scrolling buttons shaped like a circle.

The user interface involves white text on a black background, but rather than working in a folder system like the iPod, which mimics one of the Mac OS’s folder display options, the Zune’s system moves from level to level with a fading feature.

The Zune features an integrated radio that displays FM scrolling on a bar, and lets you selected from different international frequencies.

The wifi feature that was originally rumoured to let users share songs does indeed do that, but songs can only be shared for a day, until the user has time to buy and download the track from the Zune store.

The build quality on the Zune is unimpressive, as it’s entirely encased in plastic.

Hopefully the whiz kids at Microsoft have a few secrets up their sleeves to reveal at the launch.