It's time for another round-up of Microsoft Zune news and rumours.

Bloggers involved in the development of the new device(s) have confirmed that Zune is to come pre-loaded with some content.

Whether this means an audio track, an album, a film, a game, a combination of all of these, or something else entirely, is anyone's guess.

Meanwhile, Zune head honcho Robbie Bach, officially known as President of Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft, dropped some more hints about the player at an annual financial meeting.

He expects that Microsoft will pour "hundreds of millions of dollars in investment over time", and that the company sees it as a 3-, 4-, and 5-year investment, rather than a 6-month job.

He also confirmed that Microsoft is producing the hardware and software, and that Zune will tie in closely to other Microsoft products.

The whole range of entertainment devices will include the Xbox, Media Center, PC software, and Zune.

He said, "It's a dramatically better experience than you have from just a portable music player" – one guess to what he's referring.