Whoever is leaking news about the Microsoft media player rumoured to be released at Christmas is having a hard time keeping his or her mouth closed.

The Seattle Times has pieced together some more information about the device, which looks to be part of a bigger project involving Xbox-branded products.

According to the report by Brier Dudley, the project is called Argo and is being developed within the Xbox group, hence the involvement of J Allard that Pocket-lint reported on earlier.

Apparently the Wi-Fi-enabled player is set to compete in the games world with handheld consoles from Sony and Nintendo, and with the iPod in the personal audio world.

Engadget has a photograph that they say is from an insider in the project and shows what form the Argo project music player could look like.

Gizmodo, meanwhile, has heard from a tipster that the device will be called the Zune, and that there doesn't seem to be a game menu on the device.

So perhaps Microsoft are planning a couple of different devices a la Apple's iPod range, each with slightly different functionality.

Via Engadget , The Seattle Times , and Gizmodo