An anonymous insider from Microsoft has leaked some more specifications about the iPod-rivalling media player due at Christmas.

According to American gadget site, Gizmodo, Mircosoft has even bigger plans for the devices rumoured Wi-Fi connectivity features.

One is that the device will contain a sensor that picks up advertisements from an "Ad-Node" that beams an ad to your player. If you watch the ad, you'll receive a bonus of some kind in the form of a discount coupon or voucher.

The second is that if you and another user come into range, you can form a network between you to share songs. If you listen to a song that you like from the other person's device, you can mark it for download.

Microsoft has also come up with a cunning plan to get iTunes users to switch to its software and device.

The software will examine your current iTunes library for songs you've already bought and let you download them from the Microsoft store for free.

This idea to get around iTunes' lack of interoperability might actually work, but it will cost Microsoft considerably as it will have to pay royalties for song downloads.

Via Gizmodo