Microsoft has set the technology rumour fire burning hot this week with the launch of a new teaser campaign that is set to run for the next 3 weeks.

The source of the rumours comes from a Microsoft registered website called


Visitors to the site are fed a flash movie giving a series of cryptic messages ranging from “Do you know what I can do?” to “I can change your life”.

The final screen suggests more clues will be unveiled on the 2 March 2006, however at the bottom of the screen it implies that this is the first of three animations.

The site, which was launched on the 22 Feb also has an rss feed so those who can't remember to tune back in will be automatically updated on new developments.

Rumours on the Internet suggest it could be anything from a satellite navigation system to an iPod Killer.

However our belief here at Pocket-lint is that whatever it is, it will involve some sort of folding element, else the origami reference, either that or Bill Gates has completely lost the plot and is about to launch a paper Swan competition.

Whatever it is, it's likely to get everyone talking for the next month.

It is not the first time Microsoft has run such a campaign. The company ran a similar offering when the Xbox360 launched last year.

We will keep you posted.