Microsoft is trying a bit of new marketing for its Office 365 product, launching a Wi-Fi-enabled print advertisement in a special edition of Forbes. That's right, Microsoft has included a Wi-Fi hotspot embedded within the pages of a magazine, offering the reader complete internet access. 

It's an interesting way for Microsoft to push its Office 365 product, which uses cloud technology to allow users to access documents. One reader on the Slickdeals forum noted that the router connects you straight to when first getting connected, because well, it is an ad after all.   

The small Wi-Fi router runs off a battery which, once activated, can last up-to three hours per charge. The router will provide a reader with a free 15 days of internet access to T-Mobile on five devices at once. When it dies, the ad contains a small flap with a mini-USB cable underneath that can be plugged in for extra charge. 

This isn't the first time Microsoft has tried non-traditional advertising for Office 365. In March, Microsoft launched a campaign for park benches in the UK, offering Wi-Fi to those experiencing the outdoors.