Pushing the shopping trolley around your local supermarket can be such a drag, and that's presumably what the creators of the Kinect powered shopping trolley thought when they came up with the idea of a trolley that helps you to do your shopping.

Not your average trolley that you find in the canal, this high-tech version is fitted with a screen, a Kinect sensor from Microsoft and the ability to talk to you.  

All that tech means the shopping trolley will not only follow you around the shop because it can detect your movement via the Kinect sensor, but also scan what products to put in the trolley ticking them off your list at the same time.

Demoed by supermarket chain Whole Foods in the US, the sensor and accompanying gadgetry will also be able to warn you when you put something wrong into the trolley - handy if you've got kids.

In the example given by Microsoft, the shopper puts into the trolley some spaghetti with gluten in it even though the owner has stated that he has a gluten allergy. It then tells him where the right product is in the store.

When you've completed your shopping list, the trolley will tell you that you've finished, check you out - because it knows what you've put in - and let you pay straight away because it already has your details via a loyalty card.

Developed by Chaotic Moon the project is literally weeks old but shows what possibilities lie ahead for shopping at your local supermarket in the future.