Microsoft has updated its Zune HD with a new 4.5 update over the Easter weekend.

The new 4.5 software for the Zune HD brings with it a number of new features including Smart DJ, Microsoft's answer to Apple's Genius offering in iTunes.

Although available in the PC software element of the package already, the feature has now been added to the MP3 player so you can create a smart playlist on the go.

Microsoft is also allowing the player to raid the Marketplace for more songs if you've got a Zune pass subscription, so you can stream music that you don't even own to make up a better playlist.

Other features include Marketplace picks, that recommends music to you based on what you've played and better support for the TV out option. Although the TV out option has been available before, Microsoft has said that you now get an onscreen keyboard with which to surf more effectively and a "prettied up" screen saver.

Yours to download from the Zune HD PC software.