Have you seen the news that Microsoft has launched a 64GB Zune HD in the US? No neither have we, but that hasn't stopped the company from adding a link, which is dead, to the official Zune HD home page.

The link, which is reported to have appeared over the weekend goes to:


Trouble is, that link doesn't currently work and Microsoft hasn't officially launched the 64GB version yet. 

The Zune HD, which launched last year is only in available in the US in 16GB and 32GB models currently. The player, which won't be coming to the UK, but will be coming to Windows Phone 7 Series handsets later in the year is the company's offering against the Apple iPod touch. 

So is Microsoft about to launch a new bigger version of the MP3 player in the US, or has a graphics designer just got over zealous with the numbers? Let us know what you think in the comments below.