Microsoft has just dropped us word of a pair of webcams that it'll be making available within the next couple of months. The LifeCam HD-5000 and LifeCam HD6000 both come with what the company is calling "TrueColour" image processing. That promises better colour and brightness, even in poor lighting conditions.

The LifeCam HD-5000 is designed for desktop computers, and has a 720p widescreen HD sensor and autofocus abilities. It has a flexible base that'll clip on to a TFT monitor or a notebook screen, but can also stand up on a desk if you prefer. It'll be available towards the end of June 2010, and cost in the region of £50 at launch.

The LifeCam HD-6000, on the other hand, is designed for laptops. It has the same 720p HD widescreen sensor and autofocus, but also allows for 360-degree rotation, meaning that you can just point it in whatever direction you want. It comes with a three-foot cable and a carrying case, so is designed more for on-the-go usage. It also costs £50, but will be available in May.

Oh, and if you've just picked up a LifeCam Cinema, you'll be pleased to hear that Microsoft's rolling out TrueColour for you, too. It's available as a software download from